Randy Rogers Band at Cove At River Spirit

Randy Rogers Band Tickets

Paradise Cove At River Spirit | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Randy Rogers Band

Slip into your groove-ready shoes and sing along to classic old-country rhythms! Showing on Friday 5th January 2024, Randy Rogers Band will perform live at the cozy Paradise Cove At River Spirit in downtown Tulsa! We have faith that you can sing along to every note! Promoting their newest collection this 2024, the award-winning acoustic artist takes off across the nation for a massive tour that begins in early winter. There will be no shortage of acoustic melodies for this memorable night, and Randy Rogers Band invites you to a series of back-to-back favorites alongside fresh hits from their latest record. Buckle up as the concert venue located in Oklahoma is hailed as the best place to bring the energetic audience an authentic and rowdy performance that will blow everyone’s socks off! You're welcome to bring a plus one - start calling your pals and turn your Friday night into one that you won’t forget! Buy your tickets immediately before they sell out!

Country/folk music is a genre so many adore for it's effect on the listener, from the magical melancholy songs and the fantastic acoustic sounds down to the tones of the artists voice, there is something for all. One of the most notable acts at this moment in time is the second to none Randy Rogers Band, on a US wide tour for winter, 2024 and country/folk fanatics are pretty excited about it! It's been named the best act in the genre of 2024, so they've got something right. The big night in January, will be held at none other that the favorite music venue in the state, maybe in the whole of the US, it's the stuff of legends! The second to none Paradise Cove At River Spirit, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the best place to have a stress free time on Friday 5th January 2024! If you want to to get in on the country/folk action, you need to purchase some tickets today, you can book directly from this page with ease, follow the link above, immediately!

Randy Rogers Band at Paradise Cove At River Spirit

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